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Personal Experience My Teaching Philosophy - 2434 Words

Teaching Philosophy My philosophy of teaching is deeply rooted in nurturing the potential each and every student in my classes. Providing a creative environment that allows self assessment, growth, group interaction and mentorship are at its very core. Having taught in Higher Education for many years, and as an instructor of Media Arts and Animation, and Game Design, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the brightest and creative young professionals. Teaching has not only broadened my love of art and exploration, but my determination to help students that do not have the confidence to persevere through their education, yet have the passion to follow their dreams. Learning is social, in studios you gain more and grow more when working with members of your team; at times more than a student will in an entire term in college. This type of collaboration must be a part of he current classroom climate. It must be . Students need to embrace critical and independent thinking. They need to trust their own instincts with somethingdoes not look right or fit into the bigger picture of the projects intendedoutcome. I facilitate a culture of learning that is centered around self growth, relections, invstigatn and problem solving. How does one teach art? Its been a question that has been thrown around a lot, and in years of faculty meetings and workshop, a much heated debate. Students are reauired to share their terms weekly plans in achieving the goalsShow MoreRelatedMy Personal Philosophy Of Teaching797 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosphy of Teaching The the purpose of this paper is to identify/describe and discuss my personal philosophy teaching. As I describe my theory of learning I will talk about experiences that have affected me. As well as identify areas of pedagogy that have influenced my personal philosophy. I will then describe how my philosophy teaching guide my teaching style. Personal Experinces My personal philosophy of teaching has its foundations in my experiences as a student. These experiences as a studentRead MoreEducation Philosophy and Rationale1846 Words   |  7 PagesEducation Philosophy and Rationale Every instructor or a teacher has a certain ideology that he or she follows throughout the teaching careers which underpins everything. These ideology or philosophy is based on our assumptions about our definition of learning and our views on the nature of mankind, the purpose of education, the nature of the curriculum, the role of the teacher and the learner, and the nature of the instructional process. Similarly, I had a certain philosophy which focuses on introducesRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy of Education958 Words   |  4 PagesMy Personal Philosophy of Education It is customary that on New Year’s Eve, we make New Year resolution. The fact is that we are making a set of guideline that we want to live by. These are motives that we seek to achieve. In a similar way, teachers live by philosophy. This essay focuses on my personal philosophy of education. It unfolds the function of philosophy in a teacher’s life, my view on the purpose of education, the student teacher- relationship and the philosophy which influences myRead MoreEssay about Personal Educational Philosophy1069 Words   |  5 Pagespaper is my personal educational philosophy statement. It represents my ideas and values about teaching and learning; it reveals my personal teaching beliefs and their relation to the five major established educational philosophies; it shows my role and responsibilities in educational process. I place great significance on personal style of instruction and its influence on curriculum implementation. The paper also highlights my career as piration and orientation. Personal EducationalRead MoreEducational Philosophy Reflection1539 Words   |  7 Pagestype of education that I experience until I graduated high school. When I decided to go into teaching it was an easy decision for me to want to not provide this type of experience to my students. Early in the education program, Bud Stefanski posed us the question about our educational philosophy in the Foundations of Education class. When answering that question, I was 100% progressivism in my education philosophy students should only learn through hands-on experiences and not be forced to sitRead MoreMy Teaching Philosophy Of Education1486 Words   |  6 PagesMy teaching philosophy of education is being able to recognise that all children learn in different and unique ways. I believe that all students should have a safe learning environment which enables them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. As a teacher, I aim to act as a guide for student learning and provide demons trations and understanding to all students. More specifically as a physical education teacher, I aim to bring a positive and encouraging attitude to the students andRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Education1476 Words   |  6 PagesPhD Personal Philosophy of Education Submitted by: Wessam Elamawy . Personal Philosophy of Education Introduction: From the very beginning of my life I recognized the importance of higher education. I am 34 years old. I am Egyptian. I was born in a highly educated family . My father earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. My uncle earned a Ph.D. in Engineering . My aunt is a doctor. My grandparents were highly educated and they were great leaders in the educational field. This shaped my personalityRead More My Philosophy of Education: Combining Progressivism, Essentialism and Behaviorism826 Words   |  4 PagesMy Philosophy of Education: Combining Progressivism, Essentialism and Behaviorism Upon being faced with the task of writing my philosophy of teaching, I made many attempts to narrow the basis for my philosophy down to one or two simple ideas. However, I quickly came to the realization that my personal teaching philosophy stems from many other ideas, philosophies, and personal experiences. I then concentrated my efforts on finding the strongest points of my personal beliefs aboutRead MoreHigher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy845 Words   |  4 PagesHigher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy Introduction Many higher institutions have a statement of philosophies of their own derived from their pioneer or parent institutions or organizations (Higgins Leonora, 2009). The Catholic University of America School of Nursing has its pioneer group that is the Catholic Church. Therefore, every value, virtue, norm, composition and beliefs are all originated from the Catholic Church and are thus modified to fit its environmentRead MoreWhat I Believe About Philosophy, Ethics, Adult Education, And The Curriculum1412 Words   |  6 Pagespractice.† (2007) This essay will outline what I believe about philosophy, ethics, adult education, the learner, the instructor, and the curriculum. This will ultimately help guide me and focus me to my view of this profession and myself as an adult educator. Before I go into how I see things, I first must define a few terms and decide where I stand. First, what is a philosophy of education? Lorraine M. Zinn (1998) Explains a Philosophy of Education represents a comprehensive and interrelated set

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