Saturday, May 2, 2020

Strategic HRM at McDonald’s

Question: Discuss the strategic best HR Practices. Answer: Introduction McDonald is the most popular and the largest chain of fast food outlets in the world. The company is spread over 119 countries and has become a prime choice among its customers. It is not only popular for its food but also for working on the quick delivery module. The HR practices in the organization have always been talked about everywhere. The management practices in the company are efficiently planned. Strategic best HR Practices Nowadays, each and every organization is paying significant attention towards making the best use of strategic HR practices. Strategic HRM is the way of planning the HR with an overview of setting up long term goals resulting in long term outcomes. This not only helps and supports the organization in its constant growth, but also brings out the best in the employees (Mahoneyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Phillips Adams, 2009). Some of such HR practices are: Training and development It is very crucial to have an efficient and effective training and development program for the employees. It has been observed that the attrition rate is very high at McDonalds. The training and development initiative will not only enhance the performance of the employees, but also keep them contented with the job (Pfeffer, 2005) . The job satisfaction would be on the higher level and employees will be motivated to deliver the best results. Compensation and Rewards The employees at Mc Donalds experience a very high level of work pressure. The quick delivery module and the consistent flow of customers builds enormous pressure on the employees. Hence, it is recommended to work upon the compensation and rewards (Baeten Verwaeren, 2012). The package should be designed in such a manner that the employee feels motivated to work despite of the work pressure. Recommendations The HR division gives the interface between "the organization" and the staff. It has been observed that the turnover rate is very high at the McDonalds. They should focus on retaining the employees and sustaining them for a longer duration. Retention of the employee not only saves the cost, but also brings the company in good books. The HR department also needs to be more transparent with the employees. Their HR policies must be more employee friendly. There is a perception in the market about the high work pressure at Mc Donalds which needs to be changed. The performance appraisal system should also be focused towards the benefits of the employees (Hansen, Smith Hansen, 2002). Conclusion An effective HRM focusing on the employees would not only have the employees happy and contented but also bring out the best in them. The job satisfaction would be at the highest level. The training and development program will enhance the employees performance in the organization. The compensation and the rewards will motivate the employee and would encourage him to handle the work pressure. The attrition rate could also be lowered by following the aforesaid HR recommendations. Reference Baeten, X., Verwaeren, B. (2012). Flexible Rewards From a Strategic Rewards Perspective. Compensation Benefits Review. Hansen, F., Smith, M., Hansen, R. (2002). Rewards and Recognition in Employee Motivation. Compensation Benefits Review, 34 (5), 64-72. Mahoney Phillips, J., Adams, A. (2009). Getting the measure of HR. Strategic HR Review, 9 (1), 5-9. Pfeffer, J. (2005). Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the effective management of people. Academy Of Management Executive, 19 (4), 95-106.

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